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Here you will find just a few examples of the MANY solar jobs that we encounter on a daily basis. This gallery will contain before and afters, hot spot close ups, and many other interesting photos taken on the job!

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“I am so glad I found Shine Bright Solar Plus! They were very fast at responding all of my questions and clear on explaining the entire process. Thank you! I will definitely recommend Shine Bright Solar to everyone I know!” (victor M, Yelp Review)

“What an excellent job they did on my panels! They were prompt as well as professional looking! My panels were so dirty, and now are spotless! My home has over 50 panels and they were done in a very timely matter and even power washed the front stoop of my home making it look new! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get the most out of there solar!” (Crystal S, Yelp Review)

“My reviews a little different. Yes, they did a great job on the panels and they cleaned them as advertised, but my 5 stars is based on responsiveness and service. It’s refreshing to see young entrepreneurs doing things outside the norm. These guys were professional, very responsive, clean cut and well mannered. I saw a veteran owned sticker and the truck, their appearance and manners reflected it and I can absolutely respect that. Don’t think twice, give these guys a call, it’s a service many of us solar panel owners neglect. Not only are you helping young business owners thrive, we’re increasing our panel production as a result. I know I’ll be calling these guys back, especially living in Bakersfield where panels are a magnets for dirt, dust and pigeon droppings” (Gabriel G, Yelp Review)

“Shine bright solar is amazing at what they do. I work in a small business and there’s been years of permanent dirt, oil, and grime outside of the shop. They had the best equipment for the job and they had not problem removing any of it. They brought the entire outside of the shop back to life. It looks great. They did a perfect job, the staff were incredibly nice and professionals at what they do, and I’m 100% satisfied. Customers have also noticed how clean the outside looks. Really great experience with shine bright solar. I’m definitely giving them more calls back in future.” (Ashraf A, Yelp Review)

“We had a great experience with this up and coming small business.  They are extremely professional and proficient.  As an electrician I’m kind of nerdy about my solar power production..  I have panels on the east,south and west facing roofs, so I like to compare the power outputs of the panels.  Pretty geeky right….  I was amazed that  by having this company clean my panels, I improved the efficiency up to 20 percent.  Wow,now that’s impressive.  This really stood out when I was comparing my power production with a friend that has the same system,plus four more panels.  He was fortunate enough to have all his panels on the south facing roof, the best roof for efficiency(I hate him,lol).  I couldn’t believe it when my production was more than his.   Do yourself a favor and save money using this company.  Heck maybe you can drop your thermostat to 75 degrees, in the summer, like we did(heaven…,,,).  If you geek out, look at the numbers,  and compare.  It’s like adding 5 or 6 panels.  That’s what I’m talking about.” (Uncle KD, Yelp Review)

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