Frequently Asked Questions:

“Why should I clean my solar panels?”

Think of the windshield on your car and how dirty it gets overtime. Now leave that car parked in the driveway for 6 months and imagine how hard it would be to see out of it. That is what happens to your solar panels. Along with animal droppings, leaves, and water spots our valley air isn’t the only thing driving your systems efficiency down. With all these contributors to efficiency loss the average energy loss is anywhere from 15-30%. If you are paying back your solar panel system it will you take you an additional 3-5 years without regular cleaning. Cleaning your solar panels twice to three times a year not only will ensure maximum savings and efficiency but also prevent damage and even maintain your systems warranty

“Why not just do it yourself?

As much as we all love getting up on our 2nd story roof, it is very dangerous. Take the risk out of cleaning your solar panels and let Shine Bright Solar clean them with their world class cleaning equipment. With our 51ft telescopic pole getting to your solar panels is no problem. With us being OSHA compliant makes safety our priority. If we must get on the roof all our staff at Shine Bright Solar use roofing anchors and harnesses. Don’t jeopardize your safety or your investment, get your system cleaned by our experienced and well trained cleaning specialist

“How does Shine Bright clean the panels?”

Unlike many other cleaning companies Shine Bright Solar doesn’t use any chemicals or additives. We use super purified water that has no minerals to leave water spots behind and no squeegee or drying involved. With our 2 foot wide rotating cleaning brush and 51ft telescopic pole we can reach any system and finish quickly. If we aren’t able to get it from the ground we have height accessing systems anywhere from ladders to scissor lifts. So any job is a job for us. Shine Bright Solar is Veteran owned so we pride ourselves in excellent service.


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