Cost Effectiveness:

Ensuring your systems efficiency is just as important as maintaining your vehicle. Cleaning your panels or maintaining your car greatly outweighs the cost of replacing them. Keeping your solar panels free of mineral build up and animal droppings will prevent what is called a “Hotspot”. A Hotspot is formed when material sits on top of a panel and cooks the cell. When one cell of a solar panel loses production it can result in a loss of power in multiple cells. Having dirty panels can result in damage.
Main Contributors to Efficiency loss. Quit losing out on production and let Shine Bright Solar clean your modules.


Shine Bright Solar has over 35 years of experience in Safety. We are OSHA complaint and are well trained cleaning specialist. We are Veteran owned and we make a point of ensuring the job gets done safely with guaranteed customer satisfaction. With the best equipment and a wide variety of height accessing systems we have all the tools to do just that with no harm done to your property or our environment


Solar Panel Systems that get professionally cleaned twice a year generate more energy and more money than the cost of cleaning them. Also keeping your panels cleans maintains your manufacturer’s warranty. Savings will vary system to system but efficiency increase is across the board. More energy that is generated means more savings and more money back in your pocket!

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