Solar Panel cleaning benefits:

Regular solar panel cleaning provides you with maximum savings that makes our services very cost effective. Receive continuous savings throughout the year by generating the most energy your solar panel system is capable of! Don't risk of your safety or damaging your property! Let Shine Bright Solar and our team of professionals clean your panels and make them more energy efficient

Residential Services

Since our beginning in late 2016, our company’s mission is to provide an honest and reliable service throughout the Central Valley that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

We continually strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that each project is completed on time and on budget. Our commitment to assuring the full satisfaction of our clients is something that we take great pride in. It has also earned us a reputation for excellence within the industry.IMG_1169

Residential Solar Cleaning:

Shine Bright Solar provides a state of the art solar panel cleaning service to both residential and commercial customers! We use our rotating scrub brush designed specifically for cleaning solar panels along with our on-truck de-ionization system to provide you with spotless panels every time! Each of our employees have been trained to meet the high level of safety requirements that are needed to insure your panels are performing at peak performance!

Surface Cleaning:

Shine Bright Solar provides a pressure washing service to the outside of your house, drive way, pool, garage, or any surface needing to be cleaned. Always keep your property looking clean and new! Local businesses have benefited immensely from keeping their business front clean and showing their customers they’re the right professional for the job!

gutter-cleaning2Gutter Cleaning:

Shine Bright Solar also provides rain gutter cleaning. Cleaning out your rain gutters reduces the risk of property damage, fires, and leaking roofs from water not being able to drain properly. Waste removal is available with an additional charge

unnamed.jpgTrash Can Cleaning:

Shine Bright’s trash can cleaning service leaves your trash can looking good as new! We use an environmentally friendly citrus based degreaser to rid your trash can of any sticky deposits and smells.


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