Our company’s mission is to provide honest, reliable service throughout the Central Valley that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

We continually strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that each project is completed on time and on budget. Our commitment to assuring the full satisfaction of our clients is something that we take great pride in. It has also earned us a reputation for excellence within the industry.


We pay attention to the details.


We want to exceed your expectations!


"I noticed one day on my house that my solar panels were covered in dirt and gunk all over my system. I felt like this couldn't be good, if anything, it was damaging my solar panels. That's when I looked into getting them professionally cleaned. I asked around and my friend referred Shine Bright Solar Plus. I called and the staff were friendly and very helpful on informing me about the potential damage all the debris can cause. They made setting up an appointment easy and were out the next day! When they were all done my panels looked BRAND NEW! Very fast and clean, thank you Shine Bright!"

-Alex Sneed

"From my personal experiences with electrical efficiency, I've found that constant maintenance helps guarantee optimum energy production from your solar panels. Shine Bright Solar really does shine past competitors in their line of work with their experienced workers, and their constant efforts to ensure customer satisfaction. You cant compete with their results and you cant help but respect their hard work!!"

-A'kira Davis 

"Shine Bright Solar is amaaaazziiinnng!! First off from the company truck to the outstanding work they did, these guys are super professional. Second I didn't really think cleaning so often was that necessary but they broke down all the contributors to efficiency loss and finds out I was generating 25% less then what I'm supposed to, so I was losing money without even knowing it. All in all I am beyond please with the service, spotless panels with continuous savings I assure you I will hire this super awesome team regularly. Shine Bright Solar Plus is the only company I use!"

-Patrick Strickland 

"As I am a fairly new owner to my solar panel system I can already tell you that they get dirty quick! I asked around to my friends and asked if theirs too get dirty quick. Without saying anything else they said Shine Bright Solar Plus. I called and spoke to a gentleman named Brandon and he gave me all the information I needed and really convinced me how important it is to not only clean them but keep them clean year around. When Shine Bright Solar came out they were respectful and on time! Very important! Again very respectful company and I now plan on cleaning my panels 2-3 times a year like Brandon recommended! I couldn't be more please with the work they did and hope my review helps out this local business. Thank you Shine Bright Solar Plus!"

-Richard Oswell 

"A huge thank you to Shine Bright Solar Plus and their team for giving me a successful and pleasant first business encounter with them and myself. As Ive had my solar panel system for over four years now and thinking that a little "spray off" with the hose would do the trick. Ive slowly lost the full efficiency of my panels. Now thanks to Shine Bright Solar and their aftermarket surface cleaning utilities, top quality service, and smooth work ethics I have regained my systems maximum efficiency and NOTICEABLY saving more each month!"

-Jake Wilson